Easy Meal Options

In our busy lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to set aside time to prepare and make ourselves an easy and also healthy meal.  Often we are faced with a bit of decision paralysis and end up at the corner pizza shop.  The first step to every clients/athletes diet overall is usually along the lines of water and vegetable intake modification.  This goes well for a while, but after a while we hit a snag and can’t come up with variety.  Instead, I asked my clients and coaches to come up with a list of quick and easy recipes that everyone can reference.  Without further adieu:

Tuna with avocado

Extremely simple.  Watch out for how much canned tuna you’re consuming in a week, but once every other week should be pretty safe.  I’m partial to tuna canned in olive oil partially because I’m convinced that olive oil is a great balance to our Standard American Diet, but also because the tuna comes in a fancy gold tin.AvocadoTunaSalad-025

Breakfast for dinner

This is something that many of us overlook often.  We aren’t suggesting pancakes or waffles, instead try an omelette or eggs with a nice mix of veggies either on the side or mixed right in.spinach-and-tomato-omelette_A0

Chicken/shrimp stir fry

Another really simple meal.  If you have a rice cooker it takes a lot of thinking out of the equation–simply add water and rice and turn on.  You could replace rice with quinoa or another organic grain if you’re afraid of arsenic exposure.  Pan fry some chicken, mix in some veggies, add rice.  Soy sauce or teriyaki will definitely add some flavor too; however, not too much as these are often just liquid sodium.chicken-stir-fry

Oatmeal with protein powder and fruit

I am especially partial to this one.  Simply throw the steel cut oats into the croc pot with water overnight.  As you should be getting eight hours of sleep per night this will be  perfect timing.  When you wake throw the fruit of choice right in the mix as well as your protein powder.  I can do without the fruit personally and just use either a vanilla or maple flavored protein powder.blueberries-531209_640


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