My name is Annie Donahue.  I am currently a freshman at Salve Regina University, where I’m a member of the women’s volleyball team.  I started my volleyball career while in the seventh grade, attending clinics where I could barely hit a ball over the net.  As each clinic passed through seventh and eighth grade, I gradually improved to the point where my timing was okay to hit a normal high set to the middle.  When tryouts came around for Chelmsford High, I was placed on the JV team.  With some help from my coaches, I improved and was moved up to varsity later that season.  I wasn’t a starting middle, so as I fell in love with the sport, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to really stand out.

CHS vs Phillips Andover-37

 It was my sophomore year when the team began workouts with Joe Young.  Joe taught us not only how to lift weights and get stronger, but how to increase our body mobility and prevent injuries.  We continued team workouts throughout the season in our sophomore and junior years.  In the summer before senior year, a few of my teammates and I began working with Joe a few times a week to continue to get stronger.  These summer sessions with Joe transformed me as a volleyball player.

CHS beats Westford-5

 From the very first practice I could tell that my hard work that summer had paid off, and all because of the help from Joe.  I was hitting harder, jumping higher, and approaching faster.  From the first week of practices until our last game, the varsity team was in the weight room with Joe working hard.  As a result, our team made it to the Division 1 North Finals, an achievement that we were all very proud of.  

Annie Vball vs North Andover 24Oct2014 DSC_0174A16x9Following volleyball season, I continued to train with Joe to prepare for the fall at Salve.  I spent an average of two or three days a week in the gym, continuing to lift and condition, with college volleyball my goal in mind.  For the second straight year, I also added beach volleyball to my summer schedule, where Joe’s strength and conditioning workouts really helped me in the sand.  I entered preseason a week ago feeling prepared for the season ahead of me, and I have Joe to thank for that!  I plan on continuing these workouts with Joe all throughout college, and afterwards, so I can reach my full potential as an athlete.


I have been training with Joe since July 2014, almost three years now.  My trainer at the time, Jordan B., was relocating out of state.  Jordan referred me to Joe and I am so glad he did.  I had two hip replacements in 2013 and needed help getting my hips and muscles working again.  Prior to the replacements, I had no hip mobility at all.

As a Personal Trainer, Joe is exceptional, as well as knowledgeable, in his field.  He continues to take courses to make himself a better trainer and therapist.  I train with him for two 1 hour sessions each week.  With his help and encouragement, he gets me through the intense workouts.  He pushes me to do better because he knows I can.  The improvement in my mobility, stability, and balance is amazing.  I am more than pleased with the results.

Also, I have gotten to know Joe, personally.  He is dedicated to his profession and really cares about his clients.  Genuinely wants them to do well (Also has a great sense of humor!).  So glad I got to know him and now consider him a good friend!